Financial and Wealth Planning

A comprehensive plan to execute your vision.

360° Advisory

Where traditional investment management leaves off.


Private wealth management is about being a trusted steward for a family’s vision—knowing that vision could span decades or more. As a result, our unique approach to wealth management transcends traditional investing and focuses on the intersection of one's financial resources and significant life decisions.

Our team brings deep experience, backed by an ecosystem of specialists who each bring their own areas of niche expertise. From retirement planning, tax strategies, and cash management to education funding, debt restructuring, and risk management, we can help with every dimension of your financial life.

  • Investment management
  • Tax strategies and planning
  • Trusts and estates
  • Insurance planning
  • Impact analysis of large purchases
  • Liquidity event management
  • Concentrated positions
  • Risk management
  • Healthcare financial planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Family office services

Wealth Transfer

Your Brockenbrough team will help develop a plan to ensure that your wealth is distributed in accordance with your wishes and will help educate and support your beneficiaries to be responsible stewards.

Charitable Giving

Like many of our clients, your goals may extend beyond your family to include philanthropic causes in your community. Your Brockenbrough team can offer deft guidance during this process. Whether you wish to create a foundation or simply incorporate annual gifts into your financial plan, we’re here to see your vision through.

The Brockenbrough approach.


All clients come to us with their own goals, horizons, concerns, tolerances, and requirements. These are the things that make you, you.

We continue to invest in people, services, and technologies that help us understand and better meet your needs—as an individual. We are experts at working with every investor as if they’re the only one of their kind. Because they are.

We approach each new engagement with the following beliefs and principles in mind:

First, you
We actively listen and ask questions to understand your perspectives on your own wealth—the purpose of it, your concerns and goals for it, your vision for your family. This helps us define the boundaries of our approach—from investment types and risk tolerances to appropriate sources of portfolio returns.

Then, your assets
With robust financial tools and sophisticated planning models, we assess and analyze your assets, liabilities, retirement plan, corporate assets, present and future cash flow needs, and tax considerations. It’s all part of a comprehensive review that helps us map your existing position to your desired position.

The core strategy
We develop a comprehensive strategy based on a unique asset allocation, asset locations, return goals, and risk parameters. To achieve optimal outcomes, we will coordinate with your trust, estate, tax, insurance, or other professionals.

Portfolio construction
Our portfolios are designed to achieve strong, risk-adjusted returns over time. Diversification helps protect and compound your capital. Whatever the mandate, we will implement the strategy in a timely manner.

Ongoing communication
Timely and effective communication is essential. Together we will develop a communication cadence to keep you informed.