Investment Management

Where balanced portfolios meet unique opportunities.

Experience portfolio management at its best.


We strategically build customized and diversified portfolios for each private wealth client—portfolios built to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns while protecting and compounding core capital.

We offer a robust suite of investment management services including traditional active and index equity strategies, alternative strategies, fixed income strategies, and real estate strategies. Whatever your goals, you can take comfort that our team will construct an all-weather portfolio to meet them.

We create value for our clients with:

Tailored asset allocations.
Developing strategic asset allocation is the heart of our investment process.  After understanding your objectives, risk tolerance, and liquidity requirements, we devise an appropriate allocation.  Brockenbrough clients have access to a wide range of investment types and classes including global equity, private equity, hedged equity, fixed income, and absolute strategies.

Access to uncommon investments.
Our network of investment managers and partners gives us extraordinary access to exclusive opportunities—cutting-edge investment vehicles organized and led by world-class investment managers.

Intensive risk management.
We manage the risk-return balance for our clients by focusing on three major risk types:

Market risk
Our portfolio managers will diversify your investments across asset classes, geographies, and sectors. We will also continuously monitor your portfolio’s exposures and correlations and rebalance accordingly.

Investment risk
We manage investment risk by conducting initial and ongoing due diligence investigations into each investment and manager. We then study correlations between your portfolio’s various strategies.

Liquidity risk
Our team conducts detailed cash flow analyses to help you understand and meet your future cash needs. Through this ongoing process, we’re able to effectively manage risks to overall liquidity.