Portfolio Strategy & Management

We build and manage portfolios with purpose.

An investment strategy that matches your mission.


All institutions have their objectives for and reasons behind their investment strategy. Our process is built to understand your purpose, and to harness the best investment ideas, expressed in customized asset allocations and supported by precise execution at every stage.  

It’s a portfolio management process that is built for you. To help you achieve more than investment goals. It’s built to help you achieve your mission.

We use a three-step strategy and management process:

Comprehensive Review
Based on robust financial tools and models, we first analyze your organization’s goals. After reviewing the results, we will create your investment policy, together.

Strategic Implementation
Our team will design customized investment strategies to compound portfolio assets over full market cycles. Asset allocations may be further diversified in separately managed accounts, limited partnerships, mutual funds, and/or exchange-traded funds.

Ongoing Risk Management
We manage market, investment, and liquidity risks with quantitative tools and qualitative judgment. To maximize partner goals, our teams continually review institutional portfolios and investment strategies.

Investment Strategy

Ideas at work.


We focus on sourcing compelling investment ideas and actively manage your investments across all strategies, sub-segments, structures, and geographies. Typical strategies include a mix of traditional and nontraditional strategies including investments accessed through our networks and relationships.

Long-only Equity 
Seeks to outperform broad equity markets over a full market cycle by focusing on broadly diversified portfolios with equity managers that invest globally across sectors, countries, and market capitalizations.

Private Investments
Aims to produce returns in excess of broader equity markets through targeted, niche strategies. These strategies may include buyout, growth equity, venture capital, real assets, real estate, and credit.

Hedged Equity
Aims to generate equity-like returns with reduced volatility by focusing on managers seeking performance from both long and short positions, primarily in equities, with underlying positions diversified among sectors, geographies, and market capitalizations.

Absolute Strategies
Seeks to generate absolute investment returns with less volatility by exploiting market inefficiencies by allocating capital opportunistically across a broad array of investments including equities, credit, commodities, structured products, currencies, etc. 

Fixed Income & Cash
Focused on outperforming broad, fixed income markets over a full market cycle.

"We recognize that nontraditional asset classes are crucial to achieving long-term investment objectives. They play an integral role in our institutional portfolios."

Chip Caravati
Chief Investment Officer