Charitable Giving
Together, we will help you and your family craft a lasting legacy.

Give well, give wisely.


Giving well requires a strategy—a guiding statement at the heart of your giving. This strategy can map out a single year or decades to come. At Brockenbrough, we’ve written philanthropic strategies for giving programs on every scale, from local to international, and in support of all types of causes and organizations.

Our approach.


Giving back has always been ingrained in the culture at Brockenbrough. We understand the desire to have an impact on your community. To do good. To give back. As such, we are deeply committed to helping you, our client, realize your philanthropic goals.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of this critically important work—from balancing tax-efficient giving with wealth preservation to evaluating the social impact of your charitable gifts to involving the next generation in your family’s philanthropic mission. Whatever you care about, we can help your support make a profound impact.

By integrating your short- and long-term philanthropic objectives into one overarching financial strategy, Brockenbrough can ensure that your philanthropy does the most good for everyone involved.

Guided giving
We help clients take a step back and really consider their goals at a high level. Why make this gift? What part of this organization’s mission is most important to you? What will your gift enable the organization to accomplish? Then we can help you craft a philanthropic mission statement that guides your giving. As you identify new organizations that align with your goals, our community partners can help vet them and we can integrate them into your plan.

Ways to give
Considering your financial and philanthropic goals, Brockenbrough can identify the best time and way to support your causes. For example, we might recommend donating stock or other appreciated assets. Perhaps a donor-advised fund. Maybe we will advise you to form a charitable foundation. Or simply utilize a charitable trust. There are so many ways to support the causes you care about. We help ensure that you choose the most strategic and effective ways.