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Friends of the Firm

Friends of the Firm

Dear Friends of the Firm,

Over the last four months, and especially the last several weeks, our country has been shaken to its core. We have suffered unfathomable loss, pain, and fear from the COVID-19 health crisis, and we have witnessed the devastating effects of continued racism and the senseless loss of life.

We condemn racism. Our firm has initiated crucial conversations about race and racial justice. We understand that it is incumbent upon us not only to listen and learn within our company, but strive to eliminate racial inequity and forge a path forward towards the betterment of our community.

We are intently focused on doing our part to achieve constructive change and to create a more inclusive and thriving community. We look forward to engaging with our colleagues, our communities, and our clients on this vital work.

While the challenges ahead are immense, we have tremendous faith in our community and its determination, resilience, and concern for one another. Our country has weathered difficult circumstances over its history, and we are confident that we can emerge from this unprecedented period with stronger bonds and greater respect for the dignity, worth, and humanity in each of us.

We thank you for your caring and lasting partnership.


Austin Brockenbrough IV