Retirement Plan Design & Investment Selection

A best-in-class retirement plan, tailored to your needs.

Plan Design

A retirement plan as unique as your organization.


Every organization has its own goals for its retirement plan. We work in close partnership with every plan sponsor to design a customized solution based on their unique organizational goals, operational structure, and employee demographics. 

Our goal is to balance fiduciary governance with choice, ensuring the employer is offering the most competitive benefit in order to attract, retain and reward top talent.


Investment Selection

When you make better choices, your participants do too.


Ensuring your retirement plan offers high-quality investment choices is critical to your employees’ ability to reach retirement readiness and a core part of your fiduciary responsibility as a plan sponsor.

We apply a rigorous quantitative and qualitative approach to help ensure only the highest-quality vehicles are made available to your participants and in compliance with your Investment Policy Statement. 

Investments and fund managers are evaluated and selected using a scorecard that incorporates modern portfolio theory, quadratic optimization analysis, peer group rankings, qualitative factors, and much more.

Combined with our knowledge and experience, this methodology helps us build plans that are positioned to deliver strong, risk-adjusted returns over time, which is what we have strived to achieve for all our clients over the past 50 years.