The Employee Experience

Employees who are confident about tomorrow do better today.

Improve your team’s financial confidence and retirement readiness.


We promote financial confidence among employees by pairing customized retirement planning education with sound investment offerings and guidance.

Your retirement plan is an important part of your organization’s benefits package and a vital component of your employees' overall financial wellness and long-term security. 

Financial stress has been shown to negatively impact employee productivity, engagement, and retention. Offering a quality retirement plan and access to expert financial resources increases employee retirement readiness and leads to increased satisfaction and loyalty. It shows employees that you’re invested in them, their financial well-being, and their future.

At Brockenbrough, preparing your employees for retirement is our ultimate goal. Beyond access to quality investments, we’ll provide your employees with financial education, personalized guidance, and tools to help them become more confident and achieve their goals. And we can help you create a culture around retirement that increases participation rates and improves outcomes.

It’s a win for your employees, and a win for you as an employer.

Targeted Communications
We develop a communication plan based on the participant behavior and demographics of the organization. We monitor that plan and its overall success in an effort to produce better outcomes.

Financial Education
We provide ongoing enrollment and financial education, tailored to your employees’ collective and individual needs, via webinars, on-site meetings, newsletters, and written materials.

Expert 1:1 Guidance
As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, we can educate your employees on their investment choices and also provide guidance on a wide range of issues impacting their overall financial wellness.

We prioritize recordkeepers and other service providers with tools and technology that streamline the enrollment process, engage participants, and deliver an enhanced experience.

High-Quality Investment Choices
We apply a rigorous quantitative and qualitative approach to plan design and help participants construct diversified portfolios that are well-positioned to meet their individual goals and deliver strong, risk-adjusted returns over time.